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3D Scanning

Thanks to the 3D scanning technology, we can create digital copies of different objects. This technology allows us to generate 3-dimensional CAD models, which may be further modified. In result, we can print the scanned object on a 3D printer or save a file to operated by a numerically controlled milling machine and make an identical copy of the object.

The result of 3D scanning is a cloud of points that represent the surface of the scanned object. The points also store information about the colour in RGB palette, which makes it possible to read the texture. In result, we can accurately compare the printed parts with the desired model, and then determine deviations from the dimensions which were planned.

We offer a contactless high resolution scanner (distance of 0.17 mm) which ensures 0.05 mm accuracy, and allows us to scan an 1200 ×1200×1200mm element.

3D Printing

3D printing helps to create accurate three-dimensional objects, also in very complicated shapes, which are created on the basis of a computer performed model. We offer an FDM 3D printer producing elements of maximum dimensions of 305x305x300 mm. It ensures high resolution along different axes at X/Y/Z level, i.e. 0.78125 / 0.78125 / 0.078125 microns. We can print elements used in medicine (orthopaedic appliances or anatomic models based on CT or MRI files), industry (fit testing or manufacturing of prototypes) as well as in museology and art.

We print from ABS, ABS-T, PLA, PLA Carbon and PLA Wood.

3D Modelling

ENforce has an expert team specializing in manufacturing medical devices and industrial components. Our experts collaborate with the Poznan University of Technology and hold certificates in operating Inventor, SolidEdge or Solid Works software.

We make both 3D models based both on re-engineering and on the supplied documentation. Our company provides document digitization services using models based on CAD 2D images.

Professional MES analysis may be carried out for every modelled element to help select materials or verify the dimensions of an element and identify its potentially weakest points. The analysis is performed by specialists which can precisely determine different parameters such as Von Misses stress or the safety factor.

We supply file formats for *.IPT, *.IAM, *.IGS, *.STP, *.ASCI, *.PLY, *.OBJ.

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    Model CAD elementu
  • 3
    Przygotowanie modelu do wydruku
  • 4
    Wysłanie modelu do drukarki
  • DSC_6038
    Wydrukowany model z podporami
  • DSC_6143
    Gotowy, wydrukowany model
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    Skanowanie 3D modelu
  • t6
    Zeskanowany obiekt jako chmura punktów
  • t4
    Gotowy skan 3D badanego elementu
  • g5
    Porównanie powierzchni uzyskanego skanu z modelem CAD
  • g7
    Porównanie powierzchni uzyskanego skanu z modelem CAD
  • g8
    Inspekcja na przekroju badanego elementu z odchyłkami

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