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ENforce Medical Technologies offers the most accurate walking tests, not just for joggers. The tests diagnose all walking gait anomalies, which – if not eliminated – may cause risk of injury in the long term.

Correct movement is the only guarantee to keeping fit for years to come, especially for those of us who practise sports regularly. Unfortunately, nowadays we do not investigate what causes injury but merely treat its effects. ENforce walking and running gait tests allow us to anticipate the risk of injury and prevent injury by formulating work-out recommendations.

Our interdisciplinary scientific team has developed and effectively implemented a method to test walking gait and all its determinants. Movement analysis helps us diagnose possible overload or irregularities and draw up a personalized improvement plan. Following our recommendations, a patient will improve ergonomics of movement to reduce asymmetries in different parts of the body, which cause unwanted overload. Thus, the patient will be able to minimize the risk of injury of the ankle, knee, hip or spine, which often is the direct consequence of an incorrect walking gait.

Gait tests are carried out by means of cutting-edge equipment designed to measure movement; it collects information about movement at selected points of the body by means of cameras and dynamometer platforms. Cooperation with experienced physiotherapists ensures that the adverse factors identified in the test will be consistently reduced.

Example of a walking gait test: assessment of ankle and knee mobility

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The competitive advantage of our services in international perspective relies on the fact that during the test the movement of the patient is analysed not only on the basis of ground reaction force – as in classical podometrics – but also by determining kinematics and dynamics of the markers located in the body of the patient. Competitive systems rely on slow motion cameras, which imposes considerable limitations on the problem. Such tests are characterized by significant inaccuracies. Also, the measurements cannot be carried out over a longer period. The solution proposed by ENFORCE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES Sp. z o.o. ensures the most accurate measurement of kinematics and kinetics of the patient, which in turn allows us to recreate the movement of the entire body, not merely the feet. It is thus possible to make a thorough analysis and – as a result – changes to each part of the patient’s body. Patients who have learnt how to maintain the correct walking cycle feel less tired. Also, the risk of musculoskeletal disorders is reduced to minimum.

Tests of walking and running gaits are recommended for:

- runners – thousands of people run for pleasure and participate in running events or marathons, without realizing that incorrect running patterns increase the risk of dangerous injuries. Thanks to the ENforce tests, the runners will learn in which phase of the movement there are deficits and how to improve them. Electromyography (EMG) diagnostic procedure helps to find out which muscles should be strengthened. During the procedure it is possible to perform 2 series of tests for different types of footwear in order to check which one will ensure more ergonomic running.

- amputees – loss of a limb is always a great tragedy. However, nowadays amputees do not have to be confined to a wheelchair. Tests of walking gait will make it possible to check which elements of the body are affected by movement disorders. Such parameters will help an amputee understand which muscles should be strengthened and how to walk with a prosthesis in order to maximally increase the ergonomics of the walking gait. The test will also help the patient assess which prosthesis ensures better quality of movement and thus will facilitate the choice of individual components.

- people who have to move constantly at the workplace – workplace ergonomics is of great importance for the long-term efficiency of employees. Many of those who need to move (walk) at the workplace and have incorrect walking patterns will soon start to report pain in the limbs and discomfort in the musculoskeletal system. Staff members who undergo walking tests, which help them to identify the most important factors to focus on and to learn the correct walking pattern, will feel less tired at work and minimize the risk of joint or spine injuries,

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