We walk together

As people of technology and medicine, we rely on ourselves and patients can rely on us. Every day we cheer our patients on, seeing how quickly they take the next steps in returning to their daily activities.

Adam Gramala
The originator and co-founder of ENforce Medical Technologies, a visionary with a big heart and a head full of ideas. Engineer and PhD student in the field of Biomedical Engineering.
Piotr Rajewski
Managing co-founder of ENforce Medical Technologies, committed organizer to keep our promises. Manager with 15 years of experience, a graduate of the University of Economics.
Marcin Katański
Entrepreneur, co-founder of ENforce with seemingly unrealistic challenges that ultimately are implemented. A graduate of PUEB, founder and manager of MPL VERBUM SA, the main shareholder of ENforce.
Łukasz Kubaszewski
Orthopedic surgeon, professor of the Medical University bringing the latest medical knowledge to ENforce.
Paweł Drapikowski
Robotics engineer, professor at the Poznan University of Technology that guarantees technological advancement of products.
Bartosz Minorowicz
Construction engineer examining hydraulic systems in the ENforce Bionic Foot prosthesis, PhD at the Poznan University of Technology.
Adam Patalas
Process engineer responsible for developing the procedure of manufacturing prosthetic components.
Michał Murawa
Biomechanical specialist responsible for diagnostics of the patient's locomotor system, PhD at the PUPE.
Paweł Zawadzki
A vascular surgeon responsible for patient qualification and monitoring of the treatment process.
Adam Wiśniewski
R&D engineer responsible for biomechanical movement analysis and development of a vacuum device.
Jakub Otworowski
Software engineer focused on mobile and desktop applications as well as scripts for movement analysis.
Jakub Bielawski
Robotics engineer developing advanced control algorithms for ENforce Bionic Foot prosthesis.
Dominika Błaszczyk
Quality engineer supervising the production process of carbon composites for prosthetic feet and socket.
Marcin Grynik
Production engineer supervising the entire production and assembly process of prosthetic feet.
Sebastian But
Biomedical engineer responsible for movement analysis at ENforce LAB and contact with patients.