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ENforce bionic foot

The first 100% Polish bionic foot prosthesis

The prosthesis facilitates the ankle flexion to the extent corresponding to the natural one, which allows the user to maintain a smooth and dynamic movement during every step, regardless of the terrain. Easier walking due to the innovative structure that allows the forefoot to flex (Forefoot Dynamic Properties FDP™ system). Our prosthesis is a reliable solution for lower limb amputees of all ages and all levels of activity.

Always one step ahead of the user

The prosthesis allows the ankle flexion in the range of 25° (dorsal flexion) and 20° (plantar flexion). Therefore, no ramp will be an issue.

The innovative microprocessor-controlled hydraulics make the gait as natural as possible. The prosthesis adjusts in real time to uneven terrain.

Active Obstacles Detection AOD ™ system based on artificial intelligence detects obstacles due to the use of 3D scanning technology.

Due to professional gait analysis performed on the high-tech equipment, it is possible to individually adjust the parameters of the prosthesis.

Highest quality materials

Carbon fiber composite combined with a light core creates a very high strength and low weight material.

Ultralight, high-strength aircraft aluminum is the material of the adapter and tube. It increases the life-span of our prosthesis.

All components are corrosion resistant and provide dust protection as well as water resistance in accordance with the IP68.

The ENforce App mobile app

Prosthesis statistics

Automatic prosthesis updates

Prosthesis adjustment to the footwear due to the calibration module

Remote prosthesis diagnostics from anywhere in the world

Appointment booking

Three prosthesis operating modes (classic, bicycle and standby)

Real time status of orders and service requests